Security Window Films

It seems like every year our insurance premiums keep going higher. We’re seeing increased premiums because of car break-ins, businesses being vandalized or thefts at our homes. Insurance rates can also go up because of weather related storms and tree branches breaking through the glass in a business, car or home. While we can always call an alarm company and have a new alarm installed, they may not stop a burglar from breaking the glass and it sure won’t stop a tree during a storm from crashing through a window. Because we are seeing more consistent weather related patterns, consider installing protective window films to help protect all the glass at your home, on your vehicles, or at your business.

Increasing Severe Weather Related Patterns

Protective window films can also give us an added level of safety in our homes, businesses and vehicles. Accidents, storms and burglaries can shatter windows and cause a lot of damage with glass shards flying everywhere. If you’re away from home, you want to know that your family is always safe and if you have a business that you’ve worked hard to build, you want it protected. That’s where a security window tint can help.

A security window film is a thick and durable safety film that serves as a covering over your window to prevent the glass from shattering. It’s made with a heavy layer of polyester bonded adhesives that’s clear and strong enough to prevent severe damage and can help protect your property during storms or if you are ever burglarized.

Protective layer against thefts and burglaries

According to the FBI statistical data, about 2 million homes and businesses are broken into each year. This comes out to a break-in taking place about every 13-seconds. Depending on the crime rate in your area, having a safety film in place can help to serve as added security for you, your family and your employees, and it also serves as a deterrent to criminals. When they see a security window tint, it can stop them from seeing inside a home, business or vehicle. It may also make them think twice about breaking in because they may not be able to see any visible cameras inside that could be filming them. Because security window film options are strong layers of durable polyester to protect glass from shattering, these protective barriers can make it more difficult for a burglar to get in unnoticed because your home, business and vehicles are protected. This gives you added security and lets burglars know they can’t break in.

At Tint-On-Wheels, we specialize in security window films to meet your needs at home, for your office and your vehicles. These safety film options meet the toughest industry standards and are shatter proof, designed to hold glass shards together and keep your windows in place.

Solar Protection, Increased Savings and Lower Costs

Available in different thickness levels, our safety films can help to provide solar protection that can help decrease the amount of money spent on heating and air conditioning bills each month. They may also help to provide you with a discount on your insurance policies for your home, vehicle and business because of the strengthened glass panes. With different types of tints, UV protection and heat resistance, consider security window film for your commercial, residential or vehicle needs today.

Tint-On-Wheels is a McAllen window tinting business that has been in business since 1998, helping consumers with various security window tint options for their cars, RVs, businesses and homes. When you’re ready to get an estimate, contact us for a free quote. Don’t wait and leave your windows exposed to the elements or the increased risk of theft. Contact Tint-On-Windows today and let us help get your home, business and vehicles secure!

Tint-On-Wheels is a South Texas Rio Grande Valley window tinting business that can meet your demands every time, regardless of the nature of your problem. We have been in business since 1998, and today we are a leading company, providing a high quality service of unrivaled quality.

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