How to stop a windshield crack from spreading is a concern every driver faces, significantly when a subtle mark on the windshield can quickly transform into a sprawling network of fractures.

In this guide, we navigate the art of addressing and preventing windshield cracks, unraveling the mystery behind these everyday annoyances.

Windshield cracks are unwelcome road trip companions, happening to the best of us.

Distinguishing between minor blemishes and potential hazards is crucial for vehicle appearance and road safety.

Promptly addressing windshield cracks becomes a top priority, preventing further damage and ensuring the safety of everyone on the road.

Neglecting these seemingly small marks can compromise the structural integrity of your windshield.

Join us as we explore the intricacies of windshield cracks, understand why they occur, and learn how to keep your windshield intact.

what are windsheild cracks
Discovering windshield cracks, especially those elusive hairline ones, can perplex drivers.

These cracks seemingly emerge from nowhere, sparking curiosity about their mysterious origins.

Being incredibly fine, hairline cracks often slip under our notice, making them easy to overlook.

However, understanding the factors behind their appearance is vital for successful prevention.

Addressing these cracks promptly becomes a task of decoding their language, ensuring our journeys remain smooth and hazard-free.

Causes of Windshield Cracks

causes of windshield cracks
Are you wondering, “Why are my windshield cracks spreading continuously?”.

These are some common causes of your worries.

1. Temperature Rollercoaster

Sometimes, extreme weather plays tricks.

Your windshield expands when it’s hot and contracts when it’s cold.

This constant back-and-forth dance is the sneaky culprit behind those fine hairline cracks, appearing almost like nature’s artwork on your glass.

2. Little Stuff Packs a Punch

Take a moment to consider those seemingly innocent bits scattered on the road – tiny stones, gravel, or bits of debris.

They might look harmless, but believe it or not, they can hit your windshield with enough oomph to create those subtle hairline cracks.

It’s like your windshield has a secret canvas, and each impact crafts a delicate pattern that’s hard to ignore.

3. Edges Under Pressure

Now, think of your windshield edges as the unsung heroes under stress.

Those edges bear the brunt when your car suddenly moves or flexes.

Over time, this stress doesn’t just go unnoticed; it shows up as those hairline cracks, gradually weaving their way across the glass like tiny tales of your travels.

6 Steps For Stopping A Windshield Crack From Spreading

6 steps for stopping a windshield crack from spreading
When you think about what to put on your cracked windshield, here are six essential steps for the best results that last.

Step 1: Secure A Windshield With Super Glue

A little superglue does wonders in stabilizing the crack when someone needs a temporary solution.

Put enough glue on the cracked windshield and temporarily seal it.

This hack is helpful before finding a more permanent solution, such as using a windshield crack repair kit.

Step 2: Apply Clear Nail Polish

You can apply clear nail polish over the crack to block it off temporarily.

This will help keep out dirt and water from making matters worse.

This could be helpful if you have been waiting for your auto glass repair services appointment.

Step 3: Utilize a Windshield Repair Kit

Buy a good quality windshield repair kit for a professional finish.

Follow the instructions in this kit to fill and seal cracks effectively.

This DIY method is cheap yet incredible since it stops the chips from growing further apart.

But what are the factors to consider when selecting the best windshield repair kit?

  • Quality of resin
  • The simplicity of use and duration of curing it.
  • Price is another crucial factor, but remember that the most expensive option is not always the best.

It’s necessary to balance the cost to repair windshield, quality, and effectiveness because windshield repair kit prices can be widely different.

Step 4: Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes

Any slight change in temperatures may affect your cracked windshield.

You shouldn’t expose it to abrupt temperature variations because this will damage the repair.

Taking care of your windshield is essential, especially during extreme weather.

Step 5: Schedule a Windshield Replacement

You’ll know when to replace the windshield and bring in professionals.

If the crack cannot be repaired by do-it-yourself, set a date with an auto glass repair technician.

Quick action could save you from more costly and extensive repairs later on.

Step 6: Drive Cautiously

Drive carefully once you have taken measures to stop the crack from spreading further.

Avoid sudden jerks, and be gentle on your windshield.

Through this careful approach, your temporary fix remains intact, causing no more damage until you get a permanent solution.


Breaking down the complexities behind windshield cracks, we’ve uncovered the hidden causes and detailed six straightforward steps to stop these cracks from growing.

Understanding the causes, from temperature nuances to the impact of seemingly insignificant debris, empowers drivers to take preventive measures.

Whether resorting to the quick fixes of superglue and nail polish or investing in a quality windshield repair kit, each step contributes to preserving the integrity of your windshield.

When facing the unpredictable, embracing professional solutions like windshield replacement and mobile auto glass services from experts like Tint-On-Wheels ensures a hassle-free experience.

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